Label Validation

According to Food Safety And Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Regulations, 2011, there are mandated rules and amendments for packaging and labelling of food articles, like the rules for product labelling, information display, nutritional claims as required by Indian market and internationally. Label validation for the product is of utmost importance to comply with the food law.

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5 Important reasons why you need Label Validation –

Your product’s package should display all the information, like ingredients, nutritional value, manufacturing date, expiration date, and more for knowledge among consumers and FBOs alike

The label design, packaging material, and information display should be as per the rules specified in the Packaging and Labelling Regulation, 2011 to sell his product in a public forum.

Efficient labelling & packaging display of Batch information about the product makes the consumers prefer the products they are purchasing.

It helps your product to be differentiated from other non-labelled products, enhancing your brand equity and in turn, customers’ trust in the long run.

It helps to position your product as authentic and reliable with all the information, providing greater transparency which, as a brand, has many long-term advantages.


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